Marine Weather for CN 011

ice forecasts for the eastern waters of Newfoundland and Labrador issued by Environment Canada at 10:00 a.M. EST Monday 9 December 2019 for today tonight and Tuesday. The next scheduled forecasts will be issued at 10:00 a.M. Tuesday.

Ice edge estimated from Newfoundland near 4915n 5330w to 4945n 5405w to 5010n 5520w to 5310n 5510w to 5505n 5710w to 5615n 6030w to 5750n 6125w to 6025n 6420w then northwestward. Sea ice southwest then west of the ice edge.

Strait of Belle Isle south Labrador coast northeast coast. Bergy water except 3 tenths new ice along parts of the coast.

Belle Isle Bank south Labrador Sea. Bergy Water.

Lake Melville. 7 tenths new ice except consolidated Grey ice in the southwestern section.

Mid Labrador coast north Labrador coast. Bergy water except 5 tenths new ice along parts of the coast.

South Coast southwestern Grand Banks southeastern Grand Banks East Coast northern Grand Banks Funk Island Bank. Ice free.

East Labrador Sea tail of the Grand Banks flemish southeast Labrador Sea. Forecasts available to mariners upon request.

Contact Ecareg Canada via marine radio for routing advice. East Coast ice analysis charts can be copied on cfh Halifax at 2222 UTC and 0001 UTC and on vco Sydney at 1142 UTC and 2331 UTC.


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