Marine Weather for HS 003

High Seas Forecast NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL 1030 UTC Mon Oct 14 2019

Superseded by next issuance in 6 hours

Seas given as significant wave height...which is the average height of the highest 1/3 of the waves. Individual waves may be more than twice the significant wave height.


E Pacific from the Equator to 30n E of 140w and 03.4s to the Equator E of 120w

Synopsis valid 0600 UTC Mon Oct 14. 24 hour forecast valid 0600 UTC Tue Oct 15. 48 hour forecast valid 0600 UTC Wed Oct 16.



.Synopsis and forecast.

.N of 15n between 94.5w and 95.5w...including the Gulf of Tehuantepec...N winds 20 to 25 kt. Seas 8 to 9 ft. .24 hour forecast little change. .48 hour forecast conditions merged.

.Broad low pres near 10.5n90w 1010 mb. Within 07.5n94w to 11n87w to 09n85w to 06n88w to 07.5n94w winds 20 kt or less. Seas 8 to 10 ft in SW to W swell. .24 hour forecast low pres...Possible tropical cyclone...near 12n91w 1009 mb. Within 120 nm se semicircle winds 20 to 25 kt. Seas 8 to 12 ft. .48 hour forecast low pres...Possible tropical cyclone...near 13.5n96w 1007 mb. Within 90 nm NE and 60 nm SW semicircles winds 20 to 30 kt. Seas 8 to 12 ft. Elsewhere N of 08n between 90w and 97w winds 20 kt or less. Seas to 9 ft in SW swell.

.Low pres near 22.5n112w 1007 mb. From 22n to 24n between 110w and 113w winds 20 kt or less. Seas to 8 ft in mixed SW and NW swell. .18 hour forecast low pres dissipated. Winds 20 kt or less. Seas less than 8 ft.

.Remainder of area winds 20 kt or less. Seas less than 8 ft.

Convection valid at 0830 UTC Mon Oct 14...

.Low pres near 10.5n90w...scattered moderate isolated strong within 210 nm S of the coast of Central America between 86w and 92w.

.Low pres near 22.5n112w...scattered moderate isolated strong from 22n to 26n E of 112w.

.Tropical wave axis near 98w N of 04n. Scattered moderate isolated strong from 11n to 14n between 95w and 99w...and from 06n to 09n between 96w and 103w.

.Tropical wave axis near 110w, from 06n to 18n. Scattered moderate from 12n to 15n between 109w and 111w.

.Intertropical convergence zone/monsoon trough... Monsoon trough from 11n86w to low pres near 10.5n90w to 09n98w to 12n104w. It resumes from 13n114w to 13n131w to 10n140w. Scattered moderate isolated strong from 06n to 10n between 81w and 86w. Scattered moderate isolated strong from 06n to 08n between 90w and 95w. Scattered moderate from 10n to 12n between 114w and 135w.

$$ .Forecaster al. National Hurricane Center.

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Coastal Water Temperatures

Place Temperature
Amerada Pass, LA 78.1 °F
Apalachicola, FL 82.0 °F
Baffin Bay Point of Rocks, TX 73.0 °F
West Bank Bayou Gauche, LA 78.1 °F
Calcasieu Pass, LA 75.9 °F
Clearwater Beach, FL 82.0 °F
Eagle Point, TX 72.0 °F
USCG Freeport, TX 75.9 °F
Fort Myers, FL 81.0 °F
Fresh Water Canal Locks, LA 78.1 °F
Grand Isle, LA 80.1 °F
Galveston Bay (North Jetty), TX 78.1 °F
Galveston Pier TX 78.1 °F
Lake Worth Pier, FL 82.0 °F
McKay Bay Entrance, FL 84.0 °F
Morgans Point, TX 77.0 °F
Bob Hall Pier, Corpus Christi, TX 78.1 °F
Naples, FL 82.0 °F
New Canal, LA 80.1 °F
Old Port Tampa, FL 81.0 °F
Packery Channel, TX 73.0 °F
Matagorda Bay Port O'Connor, TX 80.1 °F
Port Manatee, FL 81.0 °F
Port Arthur, TX 75.9 °F
Pilot's Station East, SW Pass, LA 82.0 °F
Port Isabel, TX 75.0 °F
Rollover Pass, TX 73.0 °F
Rincon del San Jose Potrero Lopeno SW, TX 70.0 °F
Port Aransas, TX 80.1 °F
St Petersburg, FL 81.0 °F
Sabine Pass North, TX 77.0 °F
Seadrift, TX 73.9 °F
Shell Beach, LA 81.0 °F
Trident Pier, FL 82.0 °F
Virginia Key, FL 82.9 °F
Vaca Key, FL 82.9 °F

Open Sea Buoy Information

Place ID Sea Temp Wave Height
WEST PANAMA NM WSW of Panama City, Panama 32411
SOUTH ACAPULCO 360NM South of Acapulco, MX 43413
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