Marine Weather for HS 019


issued by meteorological service of New Zealand, Wellington issued at 140700utc valid until 151200utc.

Part 1 - warnings warnings in force: 202 205

part 2 - situation analysis at 140600utc: area a1 bounded by 25s 138w 25s 122w 29s 122w 29s 138w 25s 138w, slow moving. Ridge r1 55s 170w 47s 159w 37s 148w, moving east 15kt. Low l1 1001hpa near 38s 159w, moving east 15kt.

Part 3 - forecast: refer to latest warnings. Within a1: poor visibility in precipitation with possible thunderstorms. East of r1: westerly quarter 30kt at times, with storms and gales as in warnings 202 205, heavy swell. Within 300 nautical miles of l1 in northeast semicircle: poor visibility in precipitation. Within 240 nautical miles of l1 in southwest semicircle: clockwise 25kt at times, easing by 150600utc. Outlook following 72 hours: low near 37s 145w at 151800utc, moving east. Within 360 nautical miles of low: clockwise 30kt at times, rising to gale by 170600utc, with areas of heavy swell. South of 52s and east of 130w: westerly quarter 30kt at times, with heavy westerly swell. Ridge along 162e at 151800utc, moving east. Trough expected along 170w at 171200utc, then moving east. East of ridge: heavy southwest swell easing by 161800utc. Between ridge and trough: northerly quarter 30kt. West of trough and south of 47s: southwest quarter 30kt.

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