This weather update

By: johnboy1993, 10:35 PM GMT on March 24, 2017

This is weather forecast today is way much better colder than yesterday in Oklahoma half USA Canada and Alaska weather change Update 1 minutes ago
Temperature is 44 degrees today
Rain possible at 8:00 pm tonight 50%šŸ’¦
Mar 24 Sat H44 L -9 50% of rainšŸ’¦ N 5 to 15
Strong article polar vortex cold blast
Mar 25 Sun H41 L -2 70% rainā›ˆNW calm
Mar 26 Mon H39 L -0 80% rainšŸ’§ NW calm
Next week
Mar 27 Tue H34 L 14 100% rainš...

Weather outlook

By: johnboy1993, 1:58 PM GMT on March 23, 2017

OK Good Morning anyone is going to be nice today is 80 degrees will Tomorrow has been change forecast red fire warning effect SW of Oklahoma Until Wed with heavy T-Storm Tornado Watch in effect until next Wednesday Set This Temp Half NM CO WY Ok TX Canada and Ala
This week
Fire Dry line SW State of Oklahoma NW
Mar 24 Sat H44 L-9 50% of rain NE
Mar 25 Sun H41 L-2 70% of T...

Storm Report

Fire Weather

By: johnboy1993, 5:51 AM GMT on March 20, 2017

This crazy weather Number 1 high wind and yes wind gust to Number 2 Fire Dry line Extream is bad Critical fire danger is way much worse dry to dry smoking weather in Oklahoma not here go warmer days again this not is cost to much pay anything Run A/C all the time is not good for Oklahoma like 92 degrees yesterday today not good weather 96 to hot for me good for drink lot water fire fire department need ready this Fire dry line will be go to NW W State of Ok how abou...

Extream fire Danger

By: johnboy1993, 8:49 PM GMT on March 18, 2017

Today is Forecast Much Warmer Thin Yesterday-91 degrees but there are Extream Vary critical fire Danger Tomorrow will be Extream Red Fire Warning Effect North Texas and NW of OK. This Purple color be here by tomorrow afternoon here my info
High Wind Warning and Extream Red Fire Warning Effect North Texas to NW state of Ok. at Tuesday morning 2:00 AM CST National Source Weather Center form Norman

Weather outlook

By: johnboy1993, 8:15 AM GMT on March 18, 2017

4 warn storm team weather update there are another pretty strong polar vortex arctic cold blast strong cold for Oklahoma Texas heading toward that way this week need week vary better colder temperature Canadian weather cold temp here advisory Up top Canada Ontario's Canada to half USA under a Extream wind chill advisory effect this Sunday through next Saturday night 9:30 PM. On Match 25 Oklahoma will turn a Oklahoma Texas Canadian weather but it going to be deep fre...

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