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Logo Usage Guide

These guidelines apply to all Weather Underground Logos found on this page with exceptions noted in the individual Logo entries below.
If there are any questions or concerns, please contact your account representative.

Please see individual Logo variations below for all acceptable combinations of layout and color. Find out more about Weather Underground.

Trademark Information
Proper trademarks and credit lines must be used with Weather Underground corporate Logos. Weather Underground is a registered trademark of The Weather Channel, LLC. both in the United States and internationally. The Weather Underground Logo is a trademark of Weather Underground, LLC.

Original Logo

4-Color Logo

Standard: JPG, PNG, EPS

Horizontal: JPG, PNG, EPS

Alternative Logos

The following mark may be used for applications in which the full logo is unsuitable according to the guidelines specified in this guide. In these instances, the logo must link to and be accompanied by the text Weather Underground wherever possible. When Weather Underground data is used, the phrase “Powered by Weather Underground” must accompany the logo.

4-Color Reversed Logo

Standard: PNG, EPS

Horizontal: PNG, EPS

Elements of the Logo

The Logo comprises two elements: the Symbol and the Logotype.

Logo Versions

When choosing between Standard and Horizontal Logos, use the Logo that best fills the allotted space and allows the URL to appear as large as possible.

Clear Space Requirements

The Logo must have sufficient clear space separating it from surrounding elements.

clear space

Minimum Width and Height

In order to ensure legibility, the Logo may be scaled down to the minimum width of 1.25 in, 3.175 cm, or 90px. The height & width must be constrained to the same relative dimensions. All usage, color, and clearspace rules apply.

  • The stacked logo may be scaled down to 1 1/2" (107px at 72dpi).
  • The Horizontal Logo may be scaled down to 1 1/4" (90px at 72dpi).

Accepted Backgrounds

  • The Full Color Logo and the 1-Color Black Logo may only be used on white or light neutral backgrounds.
  • The Full Color Reversed Logo may only be used on black or very dark neutral backgrounds.

When choosing Logos, take care to ensure that there is as much contrast between the Logo and background as possible.

Incorrect Usage

Do not use the Logo on busy nor bright backgrounds, nor on backgrounds with similar colors as the Logo. Always endeavor to maximize contrast between the Logo and background.

Unacceptable Backgrounds

  • Do not use the Full Color Logo on any background other than solid white or pale neutral.
  • Do not use the 1-Color Blue Logo on any background other than solid white or pale neutral.
  • Do not use the 1-Color Black Logo on any background other than white or very light.
  • Do not use the Reversed Logo on any background other than black or very dark.


Unacceptable Manipulation

  • Do not change the color of any part of the Logo, unless specifically permitted according to the Color section of this guide.
  • Do not apply affects to the Logo.
  • Do not stretch, squeeze, warp, or rotate the Logo.
  • Do not alter the Logo in any way.